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Giving and Philanthropy

Causes that Molly Demeulenaere works with to ensure they move from Nice2Necessary.

The future of your organization depends on creating a culture of giving with pinpoint strategies around development. 

  1. Advancement Planning
  2. Annual and Major Giving Services
  3. Campaign Council
  4. Fractional Services
  5. Qualification and Research

Facilitation and Team Building


At N2N we design and facilitate organizational, team and personal development using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

It is a good idea to use LEGO SERIOUS PLAY if it is important:

  1. that everyone is able to contribute her or his knowledge and opinions on a level playing field
  2. that the meeting includes honest dialog and collaborative communication
  3. that no participant dominates at the expense of others, for example, by pursuing a personal agenda

Developing a High Performing Team


Creating a high performing culture is about the way things get done within your institution. When you develop this culture from the top down, it becomes the thread that holds together the tapestry that is your company’s fundamental belief system.

If someone asks you if you have a business plan, marketing plan, or operational plan, your answer will most likely be yes. But, do you have a Culture plan for your team?

Your culture is your competitive edge in an ever-increasing global market. It is time to pay more attention to this piece of your business.